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AT91SAM7S-EK Features
AT91SAM7S128 or AT91SAM7S256 MCU
USB device port interface
Two serial communication ports
One Atmel Crypto memory
JTAG/ICE debug interface
Four buffered analog inputs
Four general-purpose LEDs and push-buttons
Expansion connector
Prototyping area
AT91SAM7X-EK Features
AT91SAM7X256 or AT91SAM7X128 MCU
USB device port
DBGU serial communication port
RS232 serial communication port with RTS/CTS
JTAG/ICE debug interface connector
Serial CAN communication ports
RMII Ethernet 100-base TX with auto MDIX capability
Buffered analog input and PWM output
Power LED and general-purpose LEDs
DataFlash® card slot
Expansion connector
Atmel 32 Mbit serial DataFlash® (AT45DB321C-CNC)
Atmel's AT91SAM7
Atmel’s AT91SAM7S and AT91SAM7X Smart ARM®-based microcontrollers offer:

Proven architecture based on ten years’ experience in ARM-based standard products

Deterministic behavior:
Predictable response to a real-time event within a specified number of clock cycles

Significant enhancements to the basic ARM processor:
Peripheral DMA eliminates bottlenecks in memory-to-peripheral transfers, advanced interrupt control enhances real-time performance and single-instruction bit set/reset simplifies application code

Embedded Flash memory for flexible code and reference data storage

Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, SPI, USART, etc.

Security: AES/TDES accelerators, memory lock bits, etc.

Code compatibility across all products
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