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Module Description
The phyCORE-i.MX357 is an insert-ready System on Module (SOM) subassembly in miniature dimensions, populated with the Freescale i.MX357. The i.MX family of applications processors are high performance, mobile entertainment engines for the ultimate multimedia experience. Graphics Acceleration, state-of-the-art power management technology, security architecture, Floating Point Unit, and rich peripherals make this module the ideal candidate for computer-bound applications. The i.MX35x extends the functionality of its ARM11-based i.MX3x predecessors by integrating on-chip Ethernet, dual CAN, dual USB-PHYs, a camera and DDR2 memory interfaces. Additional features are its need for a single 3.3V supply and – if populated with the i.MX357 variant – an integrated OpenVG graphics processing unit.
Module Features
Single Board Computer (84 x 57 mm dimensions) according to low EMI phyCORE design
Freescale i.MX357, ARM1136JF-S (optionally populated with i.MX353 and other i.MX35x variants)
532 MHz core frequency
Memory Management Unit (MMU)
Vector Floating Point (VFP)
Image Processing Unit(IPU)
Controller and board-level signals extend to two high-density (0.635 mm) 200-pin Molex connectors on underside of SBC
On-board memory:
Up to 256 MB DDR RAM
Up to 64 MB NOR Flash
Up to 2 GB NAND Flash
10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet controller
2x SPI / 2x SSI I²S / 3x I²C
LCD Controller
OpenVG 1.1 graphics processing unit
2x CAN 2.0B
3x UARTs
1-Wire Interface / fast IrDA
1x USB 2.0 Host with full-speed PHY
1x USB HS-OTG with on-chip high-speed OTG PHY
2x MMC/SD (1 card slot on carrier board)
ATA interface
Temperature range: -40˚...+85˚C
Development Kits
Development Kits using the phyCORE-i.MX357 module are available.

Each kit contains an SBC module mounted on an applicable Carrier Board that features all hardware needed for immediate start-up of the module, as well as external break-out of applicable signals from the SBC. The included PHYTEC Spectrum CD-ROM provides complete electronic documentation, demo programs and evaluation software development tools.

PHYTEC Rapid Development Kits truly offer a Rapid Development solution by providing you with all the necessary ingredients with which to jump start your embedded design, reduce time-to-market and propel your concept to prototype and finished product.
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