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Module Description
The phyCORE-ColdFire/MCF548x supports the Freescale MCF548x ColdFire family, which operates at a 200 MHz clock speed in industrial temperature range. On-chip functional units include MMU, FPU, Cache, PCI and DDR SDRAM. The module can be populated with up to 128 MB DDR SDRAM and 64 MB Flash. Ethernet, CAN, SPI, UART, USB 2.0, I²C, processor bus, PCI bus and all applicable processor signals extend to the external Molex connectors. The on-board user-programmable logic device is an additional special feature of the board, enabling load of processor firmware that can carry out specific tasks during runtime. It is possible, for example, to initialize a 32 KB dual-port SRAM or FIFO to receive data from external peripheral units. Functions such as Timer, Counter, CapComp, Decoder, Encoder, Demodulator, additional Chip Select signals, special generated control signals and fast I/O ports enable the module's wide range of use in embedded applications.
Module Features
Single Board Computer in subminiature form factor (70 x 57 mm) according to low EMI phyCORE design
Freescale ColdFire MCF548x (200 MHz) in a 388-pin BGA package
Controller and board-level signals extend to two high-density (0.635 mm) 160-pin Molex connectors on underside of SBC
On-board memory:
DDR SDRAM: 64 to 128 MB
Flash: 32 to 64 MB Intel Strata Flash, 32-bit memory width supporting synchronous (K3) or asynchronous (J3) devices
Serial: 4 to 32 KB I²-EEPROM (alternatively I²C-FRAM, I²C-SRAM)
4x UART ports (RXD, TXD/RTS/CTS RS-232 and 2x TTL-level interfaces)
2x CAN ports, configurable as TTL-level
2.0 USB
Lattice ispXPLD 5000-family logic device
PCI 2.2 bus, SPI bus, I²C bus, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) with 2x/CS
Real-Time Clock with Calendar/Alarm
1 channel 12-bit DAC connected to I²C bus
JTAG/BDM test/debug port
Industrial temperature range (-40..+85°C)
Development Kits
Development Kits using the phyCORE-MCF548x module are available.

Each kit contains an SBC module mounted on an applicable Carrier Board that features all hardware needed for immediate start-up of the module, as well as external break-out of applicable signals from the SBC. The included PHYTEC Spectrum CD-ROM provides complete electronic documentation, demo programs and evaluation software development tools.

PHYTEC Rapid Development Kits truly offer a Rapid Development solution by providing you with all the necessary ingredients with which to jump start your embedded design, reduce time-to-market and propel your concept to prototype and finished product.
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