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Module Description
The Freescale MPC5554 PowerPC microcontroller embodies the continued development of the successful MPC500 family. This device expands upon the functions and features of the MPC565 by offering enhanced eTPU and eQADC, as well as more than doubling the clock frequency to 132MHz and introducing an Instruction Cache while requiring a low 1V5 core power supply. 5V, 3V3 and 1V5 core supply voltages are generated on-board. The MPC5554 offers system performance of up to five times higher than its MPC500 predecessors. It offers 2 MB on-chip Flash memory, enhanced timer systems, and a peripheral set tailored for automotive and industrial applications. Based on the PowerPC architecture and instruction set, the MPC5554 32-bit embedded controller has been designed for real-time control applications such as automotive powertrain systems.
Module Features
Single Board Computer (84 x 57 mm dimensions) according to low EMI phyCORE design
Populated with the Freescale MPC5554 microprocessor (132 MHz)
Controller and board-level signals extend to two high-density (0.635 mm) 160-pin Molex connectors on underside of SBC
On-board memory:
Up to 8 MB 32-bit Flash
Up to 16 MB synchronous BurstRAM
Up to 32 KB I2C-EEPROM
10/100 Mbit/s LAN91C111 Ethernet controller, MAC + PHY 3V3 operation
I2C bus
SPI bus
2x 1Mbaud CAN Transceiver supporting MPC5554 FlexCAN
2x 115kBaud RS-232 Transceiver for two MPC5554 SCI UARTs
Lattice XP FPGA, 6k, 10k 15k or 20k logic elements
Timer, PWM, CapComp, RTC8564JE Real-Time Clock
Multi-purpose I/O signals
Processor Bus Bridge
5V, 3V3 and 1V5 core supply voltages generated on-board
Temperature range: -40˚...+85˚C
Development Kits
Development Kits using the phyCORE-MPC5554 module are available.

Each kit contains an SBC module mounted on an applicable Carrier Board that features all hardware needed for immediate start-up of the module, as well as external break-out of applicable signals from the SBC. The included PHYTEC Spectrum CD-ROM provides complete electronic documentation, demo programs and evaluation software development tools.

PHYTEC Rapid Development Kits truly offer a Rapid Development solution by providing you with all the necessary ingredients with which to jump start your embedded design, reduce time-to-market and propel your concept to prototype and finished product.
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