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Module Description
The phyCORE-XScale/PXA270 offers an easy migration path from the existing phyCORE-XScale/PXA255 by maintaining compatible pin layout and functionality. Its scalable memory and other on-board features allow for adaptation to various applications and operating systems. Interfaces include Ethernet, Full 2.0B CAN and USB Host/Client. Connection of additional expansion devices is possible as well. The phyCORE-XScale/PXA270 requires only a single power supply. All additional voltages are generated and managed on board. Board-level components, as well as the entire module design, supports easy integration of various operating systems has to be possible without costly software development. The standard phyCORE-XScale/PXA270 ships with both a Linux kernel and WinCE 5.0 image with basic device support. Customer-specific Board Support Packages (BSPs) are also available.
Module Features
Single Board Computer (57 x 71.5 mm dimensions) according to low EMI phyCORE design
Populated with the Intel PXA270 microprocessor
Controller and board-level signals extend to two high-density (0.635 mm) 160-pin Molex connectors on underside of SBC
On-board memory:
D32 (to 64) MB Flash
64 (to 128) MB SDRAM
Pin compatible with phyCORE-PXA255
MMC/SD interface (connector)
On-board power management
3x serial interfaces (can also be used for Bluetooth and IrDA FF-UART with RS-232 driver
10/100MBit Ethernet
Full 2.0B CAN SJA1000 interface
USB Host/Client (controller-internal)
SPI GPIO Expander with 28 I/O Ports
JTAG interface
2x user LEDs
Temperature range: -40˚...+85˚C
Development Kits
Development Kits using the phyCORE-PXA270CE module are available.

Each kit contains an SBC module mounted on an applicable Carrier Board that features all hardware needed for immediate start-up of the module, as well as external break-out of applicable signals from the SBC. The included PHYTEC Spectrum CD-ROM provides complete electronic documentation, demo programs and evaluation software development tools.

PHYTEC Rapid Development Kits truly offer a Rapid Development solution by providing you with all the necessary ingredients with which to jump start your embedded design, reduce time-to-market and propel your concept to prototype and finished product.
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