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Industries SCIOPTA is certified by
TÜV Süd Munich to

- IEC61508 SIL 3
- EN50128 SIL 3/4
- ISO26262 ASIL-D

The SCIOPTA safety documentation includes the TÜV Certificate, the TÜV Certification Report and the Safety Manual.
  Posted: March 28, 2017 by Bastian
NQ Embedded
NQ Embedded
SCIOPTA announces a partnership with Visuality Systems

This partnership will offer SCIOPTA users access to files on the network.

NQETM is a file sharing solution based on the encrypted SMB (also known as CIFS) protocol, providing Client and Server implementations for embedded devices that require network file and printer sharing. Enabled with NQETM, these embedded devices have full interoperability with the Microsoft Windows networking environment.

Visuality Systems Ltd. is the world leading company developing SMB/CIFS based solutions for Embedded and Storage markets.

  Posted: February 17, 2017 by Bastian
SCIOPTA Safety RTOS Introduces Protektor Hypervisor

SCIOPTA Protektor is a specific native bare-metal Hypervisor where SCIOPTA runs in the "Secure World" and controls and manages a guest which runs in the "Normal World". These expressions come from the ARM(TM) TrustZone which provides a perfect separation between SCIOPTA and the guest.An example could be a system consisting of a safety certified SCIOPTA and an unsafe LINUX System.

SCIOPTA Protektor ensures a separation between the secure/safe SCIOPTA system and the guest system as if the systems would be fully independent. The control of the overall system remains entirely with SCIOPTA. Any failure in the guest system has no influence on the stability of the SCIOPTA system in the secure world. A crashed guest system could be restarted by the secure SCIOPTA system.
  Posted: January 18, 2017 by Ralf
SCIOPTA an der Embedded World 2017

Wir laden Sie herzlichst ein, uns an der Embedded World 2017 zu besuchen. Sie findet vom 14. bis 16. März 2017 in Nürnberg statt.

Halle 4A, Stand 541

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